Structural Repairs

When you need structural repairs, it is best to go to a licensed Master Builder. Structural repairs require the builder to have a full and extensive building education in order for them to be able to assess structural damage (including foundation cracks) and make the appropriate foundation repairs.

We’re Experts

Warren Graves, Master Builder and owner of Graves Design & Remodeling, is also a licensed Master Plumber, Certified Carpenter, Cabinet Maker, Millwright, and a Qualified Electrician.

Our Structural analysis and repair services include:

Structural Analysis

There are a different possible causes for structural damage including storm damage, tree root infiltration, water damage, age of materials, ground shifting, tremors or earthquakes, concrete corrosion, and more. The cause of the problem will be a factor in deciding what needs to take place in order to properly repair the building structure.

Structural Repairs

If you aren’t sure where to go when it comes to directing your kitchen remodel, keeping the goals and design direction simple is never a bad idea. There is a lot you can do with relatively simple design choices; not every kitchen remodel has to be a complete overhaul that draWhen you work with us, you have access to a company that will handle your structural repairs as expert renovators. We’ve been making quality repairs to residential and commercial buildings in Springfield and surrounding areas since 1986.

Mitigation and Repair

Graves Design & Remodeling will assess and uncover the cause of any problems with your building structure, such as water-infiltration or building movement. We give our clients sound advice with workable solutions at competitive prices.

With our services, you’ll need only one company to help you with your structural problems. We take care of the project from beginning to end, and will complete the project on time and on budget.