Custom Cabinetry

Quality custom cabinetry is a must when you are transforming the look of your kitchen or bathroom. With over 25 years of industry experience, and as a licensed Master Builder, we have the knowledge and skills needed to provide you with exceptional custom cabinets. To get the most value out of your new custom cabinetry, you need the assistance of professional designers. Our talented designers work together with our Master Builders to provide the insight and direction you need to make the right choices in designing your home’s cabinetry, ensuring the end result is a dramatic boost to your interior design and function.

Get The Most Out of Your Closet Space

Space is usually at a premium within the home, so if your closets are cluttered, small, or poorly built, you’ll probably find it hard to maintain a tidy and organized environment. Home organization can be difficult without functional closet space, which is why our creative designers and Master Builders specialize in reconstructing your closet systems so that they suit your family’s needs. Building an organized closet starts with intelligent design, and we will help you establish exactly what is needed. With properly installed shelving, racks and organizers, you won’t have to worry about struggling to find lost clothes ever again! Let us help you enjoy a more ordered and clutter-free home, contact Graves Design & Remodeling today to book your initial consultation.

Tailored to Your Needs:

Unlike prefabricated cabinets, custom cabinetry is designed specifically for the dimensions of your home. You have complete control over the design of your cabinets, and we can tailor aspects of the cabinetry to achieve the greatest level of functionality, as well as visual appeal.

Multiple Options:

Whether a full overlay, a frameless “in and surround” or a “door and drawer” style is needed, we know how to achieve flawless results. Our designers and builders specialize in soft close hinges, soft glide drawers and molding, ensuring the perfect finish every time.

Personal Touch:

Style, finish, wood type—every aspect of custom cabinetry is up to you. Semi-custom cabinets may provide more options than prefabricated cabinetry, but you do not have complete control over the design. Your custom cabinets are made to order and you have a say in every step of the design process.

Custom Fit:

If your floor plan happens to be unconventional, custom cabinetry can be tailored to the layout. Normally cabinetry is only available in pre-specified dimensions, but custom cabinets are built to address the unique design challenges of your kitchen or bathroom.